• Inclusivity is at the heart of Crossroad Arts' work in Mackay (photos by Russell Shakespeare)

  • Youth Cre8 Kuranda provides 'a space for young people to gather and communicate and play and learn'

  • We support rural, regional and remote communities in Queensland and Northern Territory

  • 'Whatever Waltja does, culture is in the centre of what we do and we hold that strong'


The Tim Fairfax Family Foundation is proud to support the work of a diverse range of organisations to create opportunities in rural, regional and remote communities of Queensland and the Northern Territory.

What We Support

  • Supporting Early Connections in Laidley

    Committed to empowering community members to actively take charge of their own lives for over 30 years, Laidley Community Centre leads community connections and partnership development across Laidley and surrounding communities in Queensland’s Lockyer Valley. Early Connections is a place-based and community-led program designed to boost early childhood development, building the community’s capacity to identify, respond to and meet the early intervention needs of children and support their overall wellbeing.…

  • Building stronger Outback Futures

    Outback Future’s community facilitation model applies a long-term, sustainable strategy to renew hope, build resilience and strengthen outback communities.  It utilises holistic, tailored mental and allied health services, offering an unprecedented level of support and continuity of care for people living in rural, regional and remote Queensland. There are three key components to the service delivery: genuine community engagement and remote multidisciplinary clinics, supported by ongoing remote therapy through the tele-health  “Stay With…

Latest News

  • TFFF launch Annual Report 2017-18

    It is with great pleasure that we share with you the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation Annual Report 2017-18. The year 2018 marked 10 years since the inception of the Foundation. This important milestone provided a valuable opportunity for us to reflect on the organisations whose work we have supported over this time and we thank all who generously opened their doors and hearts to help us celebrate. The ‘A Spotlight…