TFFF aims to support initiatives that extend community exposure to, and experiences with, a variety of artistic opportunities.

Cassandra Williams mentors Kylia Pepperill to perform her own song at the Desert Divas Showcase in Alice Springs. Photo credit Amy Hetherington, courtesy of MusicNT

Case Study

MusicNT – Sista Sounds

In 2014 TFFF approved a multi-year grant of $120,000 to support MusicNT deliver Sista Sounds.   MusicNT’s mission is to support the growth and development of original and contemporary music in Australia’s Northern Territory.

Sista Sounds is part of a multi-faceted music development program. It engages experienced female musicians to travel to remote communities and facilitate workshops in song writing, musicianship, singing, and music production. The program aims to support women and girls in Indigenous communities who often lack access to opportunities to develop musicianship commensurate with their male or urban counterparts. The format of the program ensures their skills are being explored and developed and that their cultural identity and unique stories are being shared and celebrated. Sista Sounds also encourages women and girls to explore career pathways in the professional music industry.

In 2014-2015, MusicNT conducted 71 workshops across 18 remote communities. Over 220 Indigenous girls and women have been engaged in learning and performing music, with 38 new songs recorded from the workshops. 16 Indigenous mentors were employed and four young Indigenous women received professional development and mentor training.

“I’ve grown so much and I feel more confident, I feel more passionate, I feel like this is what I am supposed to do…not only do I help with other young girls, it also helps me to teach my own daughter” – Eleanor Dixon, musician and Sista Sounds mentor.

Arts Initiatives Supported in 2014 - 2015