What We Support

The Tim Fairfax Family Foundation is proud to support the work of a diverse range of organisations and charities to create opportunities in the rural, regional and remote communities of Queensland and the Northern Territory.  Here are some examples of initiatives supported by TFFF.

Flying Arts Alliance champions visual arts across Queensland

Delivering visual arts services since 1971, Flying Arts connects with artists, educators, young people and communities to overcome the barriers preventing access to arts experiences for regional, rural and remote Queenslanders. Flying Arts provides professional development, educational programs and resources as well as artistic opportunities, to support and enable a rich artistic and creative culture throughout Queensland. TFFF approved multi-year support towards the continued development of Flying Arts’ organisational capacity.

Brown’s Mart Arts supporting students in the Top End

Brown’s Mart Arts is a vital and dynamic theatre resource and service organisation that supports the development, production, promotion and presentation of live performance by artists living and working in the Top End of the Northern Territory. Brown’s Mart Arts is a champion of regional theatre, having presenting 19 new Territory plays since its establishment in 2010 and supported a further 24 through the development process. TFFF approved three years…