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Sharing contemporary art across Queensland

Children’s trial for Jakkai Siributr ‘The Legend of the Rainbow Stag’. Photo Natasha Harth, courtesy QAGOMA

Every three years the Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (APT) makes its presence felt as QAGOMA’s flagship contemporary art series which has been captivating and challenging visitors since 1993. APT works to build cross-cultural artistic appreciation and insights by showcasing the most exciting new work being produced in Asia, the Pacific and Australia.

Free and curated for audiences of all ages, APT9 will be presented across the entire Gallery of Modern Art and key spaces in the Queensland Art Gallery from 24 November 2018 and 28 April 2019. APT9 will feature over 80 artists and groups from more than 30 countries across the region, including Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australian artists.

Making art accessible, engaging and interactive for young people has been central to the exhibition series since the launch of Kids’ APT in 1999. A key part of Kids’ APT, curated by the Children’s Art Centre, is the APT Kids on Tour program. It is specially designed to be delivered throughout Queensland to ensure that children in rural, regional and remote areas have an opportunity to engage with contemporary artists, art and ideas from the Asia Pacific through a range of hands on experiences.

APT9 Kids on Tour will also provide regional audiences with access to an online APT9 portal, an exciting first for the exhibition. Through a virtual interactive experience, users will be able to explore all of the artists and artworks featured in the exhibition. QAGOMA will also produce a children’s publication to coincide with APT9, a resource that has been highly valued in previous years.

To date, APT Kids on Tour programs have reached over 34,000 people in rural, regional and remote Queensland communities. QAGOMA has also dramatically expanded the number of venues visited, from 40 venues for APT6 Kids to 64 venues for the most recent APT8 Kids, with APT9 anticipated to exceed 90 venues across Queensland.

“As our region enters its fourth year of drought, these sorts of activities also provide relief and enjoyment for families who are struggling.” – QANTAS Founders Museum Longreach.

“We find this an excellent program and kids and parents are always keen to participate. The contemporary artists always provide us with something different and that gives a different perspective on the world or art and cultures from Asia Pacific region.” – Cooktown School of Art Society.

TFFF approved a single grant to QAGOMA toward the development and touring of APT9 Kids for children in rural, regional and remote Queensland.

Children’s trial for Nona Garcia’s ‘Illuminate’. Photo Chloë Callistemon, courtesy QAGOMA

Children’s trial for Sadik Kwaish Alfraji’s ‘A Boat to Carry your Dreams’. Photo Natasha Harth, courtesy QAGOMA