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Artback NT supporting Indigenous culture and community

Artback NT is the Northern Territory’s visual and performing arts touring agency. Artback NT works closely with communities to build capacity and create employment opportunities through art, providing opportunities for touring and profile building locally, nationally and internationally.

Numbulwar is a small Indigenous community on the Gulf of Carpentaria in the Northern Territory. The community invited Artback NT to work together toward the development and delivery of cultural camps and workshops for their young people. This work focuses on building intergenerational relationships between Elders and young people, reconnecting young people with culture and community, and supporting maintenance of culture, language and tradition.

TFFF approved support for Numburindi – Strengthening Culture and Country 2018 – 2020 in Numbulwar, Northern Territory.

Numbulwar’s Nunggarrgalu Clan performing ‘Guwak’ dance as they make their way down to Joshua Park, Numburindi Festival. Photo by Benjamin Bayliss

Clive Nunggarrgalu and his three sons, with Neville Wunungmurra and Scott Nunggarrgalu, and Roland Nundhirribala of Red Flag Dancers Nundhirribala Clan playing didj. Photo by Benjamin Bayliss