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Bawinanga Aboriginal Corporation

Bawinanga Aboriginal Corporation (BAC) was established in 1974 to provide services and support to 32 homelands surrounding Maningrida in West Arnhem Land.  Our services cover a geographical area of 7,500 square kilometres and our members come from 13 distinct language groups. Bawinanga’s mission is “to improve the lifestyle of people on homelands by caring for country, preserving language and culture, through the delivery of services to improve housing, health, education and roads”.  As well as delivering housing and municipal services to the homelands, Bawinanga also manages the Djelk Rangers, an extensive civil works program, mechanical workshops, a supermarket, Maningrida Art Centre and a range of government-funded programs.

Originally established as a women’s refuge in Maningrida in 1983, Bábbarra Women’s Centre supports the cultures and meaningful livelihoods of women in Maningrida and homelands. Babbarra Women’s Centre operates a textile design studio and sewing team, and sells its fabric across Australia. The Centre also operates the community laundromat, op shop and supports homeland women’s centres in the West Arnhem region.

TFFF approved capacity support over three years for the continued employment of the existing Bábbarra Women’s Centre Manager as well as the employment of a new Indigenous Assistant Manager.

Jennifer Wurrkidj painting a design of her country near Mumeka homeland in West Arnhem Land for a new silk screen design at Bábbarra Womens Centre studio, Maningrida. Photo credit Ingrid Johanson

Jenny Bonson, Chantel Darcy, Marita Wilton, Doddi Jones, Joelette Williams, Patricia Gibson, Janine Watson and Jemma Numungarra wearing Bábbarra Womens Centre outfits made 100% in Maningrida. Photo credit Valentina Brave