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Building stronger Outback Futures

Outback Future’s community facilitation model applies a long-term, sustainable strategy to renew hope, build resilience and strengthen outback communities.  It utilises holistic, tailored mental and allied health services, offering an unprecedented level of support and continuity of care for people living in rural, regional and remote Queensland.

There are three key components to the service delivery: genuine community engagement and remote multidisciplinary clinics, supported by ongoing remote therapy through the tele-health  “Stay With Me” program.

Outback Futures is ultimately about building self-efficacy and creating intergenerational shift in the mental health and wellbeing outcomes in rural and remote communities. Outback Futures is committed to collaborating closely with local agencies on the ground and facilitating a cultural shift in remote communities around advocating for their own mental health and well-being and help-seeking behaviours.

TFFF approved multi-year capacity funding to Outback Futures towards the employment of key staff members and evaluation of their Community Facilitation Model.

Outback Futures provides remote therapy via Stay With Me

Some of the dedicated Outback Futures team in Longreach