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Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair

The Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation with membership consisting of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Centres. Its vision is to provide vibrant and exciting platforms for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art and culture with a reputation for innovation, diversity and cultural integrity.

The Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair is held annually in August on Larrakia Country at the Darwin Convention Centre. The fair showcases the work of emerging and established Indigenous artists and provides a space for visitors to meet them and learn from the variety of different cultural groups across Australia. The first Fair was held in 2007 and hosted sixteen Indigenous Art Centres. The Fair has grown significantly over the past decade, with the 11th Fair in 2017 set to showcase the work of over 60 Art Centres who will collectively represent more than 2,000 artists from across Australia at the event.

TFFF approved funding across four years to support Art Centres from Queensland and the Northern Territory participate in the Fair and engage in professional development opportunities.

Merrepen Arts Exhibition Booth at Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair 2016. Photo credit Douglas Scott

Zugubal Dancers perform at the 2016 Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair. Photo credit Shane Eecen