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Enriching community through dance in Townsville

Dancenorth’s mission is to enrich lives ‘through the universal language of dance…With bold creative collaborations, adventurous storytelling and ambition, [they] enable a reimagining of our world’. The Company’s vision is to be ‘Regionally Proud. Nationally Respected. Internationally Desired’ through embodying the following values in all that they do: fearless creativity; diversity and inclusion; reciprocal collaboration; commitment and passion; authenticity and excellence and counter-urban vitality.

These values are lived out in Dancenorth’s Community Enrichment Program, a suite of four unique and inclusive programs that seek to celebrate the diversity of often marginalised groups – young people, Indigenous Australians, people with a disability, and people of culturally diverse backgrounds – using dance, movement and artistic expression.

TFFF approved multi-year funding to support the ongoing delivery of the Community Enrichment Program.