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Topology unleashes creativity in Queensland communities

Established in 1997, Topology is an internationally acclaimed, award winning quintet and not-for-profit music organisation renowned for creating new original work, collaborating across style and art forms and unleashing creativity in young people and communities while strengthening the vibrancy of a collegial arts scene.

State Award Winner for Excellence in Music Education at the 2015 APRA Art Music Awards, Topology’s Top Up music education program includes In-Class Workshops, New Music in Schools, Creative Boot Camp, Launchpad Mentorship and Top Up at Home. Top Up brings together professional and young musicians to explore, create and perform new music; supports delivery of the Australian Curriculum; offers professional development programs; mentors emerging composers and performs with students in public concerts. In extension to this, a new pilot will see Topology trial a community-based creative hub model to empower local artists to develop and present locally-inspired projects and events.

TFFF approved a one-off grant to support this work.