The Tim Fairfax Family Foundation exists to support rural, regional, and remote communities in Queensland and the Northern Territory, who face particular challenges due to their geographic location.

Through our funding contributions, we aim to build the capacity of organisations working to improve the vibrancy, connectedness, resilience, and sustainability of these communities.

We focus on community, arts and education initiatives that are community driven, support leadership, encourage diversity, achieve broad impact and involve collaboration between both private and public sector partners.

We envisage a future where people in rural, regional and remote communities in Queensland and the Northern Territory are afforded a level of opportunity equal to their metropolitan counterparts.

The figures in the infographics below refer only to funding approved in the 2020/21 financial year.

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new approvals
multi-year approvals
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in new distributions
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total distributions over $100,000
average grant amount
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initiated by TFFF