A Connected, Resilient and Futureproof Community


Following a strategic review, the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation (TFFF) is pleased to share its refreshed strategic plan for the next three years: A Connected, Resilient and Futureproof Community.

The Tim Fairfax Family Foundation values connectedness, resilience and futureproofing efforts and will support organisations and endeavours that further embed these qualities in communities across Queensland (Qld) and the Northern Territory (NT).

This refreshed strategy will realise TFFF’s vision and mission, which remain consistent with the founding intentions and commitment of Tim Fairfax AC and Gina Fairfax, with the support of Sarah O’Brien, Lucy Coulson, Fiona Poschelk, and Prue Pateras. The TFFF exists to support rural, regional and remote communities in Queensland and the Northern Territory to address the particular challenges they face due to their geographic location. TFFF envisages a future where people in rural, regional and remote areas of Queensland and the Northern Territory are afforded a level of opportunity equal to their metropolitan counterparts.

The connected, resilient, and futureproof values of the strategy provide structure for three newly articulated streams of funding.

The connectedness stream of funding will see TFFF continue to work with the Foundation for Regional and Rural Renewal to provide impactful grants to individual projects and communities in regional and remote areas of Qld and NT.

The resilience stream will provide multi-year general operating support grants to organisations working in, or delivering programs in, regional and remote areas in Qld and NT. Application to the resilience stream will be by invitation only and TFFF will deliver these multi-year funding arrangements through an innovative partnership with Creative Partnerships Australia and its Australian Cultural Fund.

The futureproofing stream will support a series of strategic, collaborative initiatives aimed at investing in the future sustainability of Australia’s for-purpose sector and its leadership.

Please click here to read TFFF’s A Connected, Resilient and Futureproof Community Strategy.

“TFFF is pleased to announce this strategic refresh and I look forward to furthering TFFF’s mission to support Queenslanders and Northern Territorians living in regional and remote areas. Many of us could be doing more to support those in need and I encourage those in a position to give, to be as generous as possible. Supporting our community and, in particular, those in need, is a collective responsibility,” says Tim Fairfax AC.

The TFFF Trustees, Advisors and staff wish to acknowledge the extended community of organisations and individuals who contributed to the development of this refreshed strategy Thank you for your insights, counsel, and understanding.

Please address all enquiries to Neal Harvey, TFFF CEO, at info@tfff.org.au.