Congratulations to Crossroad Arts’ outstanding young leader, Autumn Skuthorpe

We were delighted to hear the news that Autumn Skuthorpe of Crossroad Arts has been awarded the Australia Council for the Arts’ 2020 Kirk Robson Award for outstanding leadership in Community Arts and Cultural Development (CACD). Congratulations, Autumn!

Autumn has been a member of the Crossroad Arts team since 2006, and is known for the exceptional creativity, energy and deep respect she brings to her work. In recent years we have been privileged to witness Autumn’s passionate involvement in several innovative projects supporting artists from Mackay and the surrounding region who identify as disabled.

Autumn is an accomplished multidisciplinary artist with a strong personal connection to the Central Queensland city of Mackay, where she has lived since the age of 12. This regional perspective informs her work with Crossroad Arts, which spans facilitation, mentoring, performance and production.

In addition to exhibiting and performing her own work, Autumn has founded several artist collectives, coordinated and participated in festivals, and been a representative in many forums. In 2019 she was selected for Australia Council’s Future Leaders program.

This prestigious award acknowledges the achievements of an artist or arts worker 30 years of age or under and continues the legacy of Kirk Robson, whose leadership in Community Arts and Cultural Development practice was recognised by the Australia Council.

Award winner Autumn Skuthorpe attending the 2020 Australia Council for the Arts awards event.

Australia Council Awards 2020. Autumn Skuthorpe, recipient of the Australia Council Kirk Robson Award for Community Arts and Cultural Development. Credit: Australia Council for the Arts.