Topology launches TOP UP ONLINE music training programs

As school resumes for Term 2 in the midst of a global pandemic, educators and students will quickly need to adapt to a very different learning environment.

With creativity, connectivity and resilience at the heart of its mission, Topology is leading the way with its innovative approach to music education.

Recognising the challenges that isolation poses for emerging artists, music educators, and their students, Topology has transitioned to a digital platform with the launch of its Top Up Online training platform.

Top Up Online provides remote access to training with Topology’s Principal Artists and expert pool of instructors in the areas of composition, improvisation, and instrumental performance.  Workshops are delivered online via video conferencing (Zoom), and participants can join as an individual, a classroom, or an ensemble/club.

The transition to an online learning model also ensures ongoing employment for Topology’s valued instructors through the current crisis.

Top Up online Programs are open to composers and musicians of all levels of experience, music educators and their students.

For more information visit Topology’s website. Anyone interested in participating can submit an Expression of Interest or contact with any questions.

Tim Fairfax Family Foundation commends Topology’s mission to deliver quality music education for regional schools and communities in Queensland and Northern Territory.

Students enjoying a Topology music class via Top Up Online