Funding Strategy

Supporting organisations and endeavours which embed connectedness, resilience and futureproofing qualities in communities across Queensland and the Northern Territory.

A Connected, Resilient and Futureproof Community

The Tim Fairfax Family Foundation values connectedness, resilience, futureproofing, and leadership efforts and supports organisations and endeavours which further embed these qualities in communities across Queensland and the Northern Territory.

For the five-year strategic period of 2022 - 2026, the TFFF will manage four streams of funding:

The Connectedness stream will see the TFFF continue to work with the Foundation for Regional and Rural Renewal (FRRR) to provide impactful grants to individual projects and communities in remote and regional areas of Qld and the NT through the Strengthening Rural Communities — Small & Vital program.

The Resilience stream will support Qld and NT organisations working in, or delivering programs in, regional and remote areas through the provision of multi-year general operating support funding — the very funding Australia’s for-purpose organisations need most. This stream is delivered in partnership with the Australian Cultural Fund, facilitating the pilot of a new service called Amplify for the philanthropic sector: a cost-effective platform for Private Ancillary Funds (PAFs) to provide multi-year funding to recipients. Assessment of applications in the Resilience stream will be based on organisations’ governance, leadership, strategy and financial health. The TFFF’s success measures in this stream are based on applicants’ own measures of success for determining impact in their community.

The Futureproofing stream will see a series of strategic, collaborative initiatives funded over the period which invest in the future sustainability of the for-purpose sector and its leadership. Success in this stream is based on observable short-term indicators of long-term, systemic change.

The Leadership stream will see organisations supported to develop strong in-house expertise and leadership, as well as actively engaging in network-strengthening activities and community-building endeavours within the for-purpose sector.

The TFFF recognises it has long played a leadership role in the philanthropic sector in Queensland and Australia more broadly, and adopting this strategy is another bold step forward in this tradition.

The TFFF Trustees, Advisors and staff wish to acknowledge the extended community of organisations and individuals who contributed to the development of this refreshed strategy. Thank you for your insights, counsel, and understanding.

The TFFF is pleased to announce this strategic refresh and I look forward to furthering its mission to support Queenslanders and Northern Territorians living in regional and remote areas. Many of us could be doing more to support those in need and I encourage those in a position to give, to be as generous as possible. Supporting our community and, in particular, those in need, is a collective responsibility.

Tim Fairfax AC


Applications to the TFFF are by invitation only. 

The TFFF is only able to support entities registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) and endorsed as Charitable Item 1 Deductible Gift Recipients (DGRs).

Additionally, the TFFF will not support political parties, lobby groups, sport-related events, medical research, the purchasing of vehicles, endowment funds, conferences, or directly provide funding to schools.

The Tim Fairfax Family Foundation is based in Meanjin (Brisbane).