Selected Past Recipients

Since its establishment, TFFF has provided funding to many organisations for a variety of initiatives and organisational support, including:.

Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts
Garma Festival Immersion Project 2009

Access Arts Inc
Creative Recovery Program Evaluation 2011

AEIOU Foundation
Rural and Remote Outreach Program 2010-2012

ArtBack NT
Performing Arts Program 2014
Numburindi – Strengthening Culture and Country 2018-2020

Western Touring Circuit Development Initiative 2018-2020

Association of North Kimberley & Arnhem Aboriginal Artists 
Arts Worker Extension Program 2013-2016

Australian Ballet
Out There in Regional Queensland 2011

Australian Children’s Music Foundation
Indigenous and Isolated Regions Music Program in the Northern Territory, 2012 and 2013-2015

Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (via Social Ventures Aust)
Mentoring Indigenous Students Queensland 2010

Australian Rural Leadership Foundation
Australian Rural Leadership Program Courses 16 17 18 19 20 & 21

Australian Schools Plus 
Fair Education Queensland 2017-2022

Australian Theatre for Young People
Kicking Up Dust Sharing Indigenous Experience 2010-2012  
Sugarland (community workshops) 2014
NT Engagement for the Sugarland National Tour 2016

Australian Wildlife Conservancy
Pungalina Seven Emu Sanctuary

Australian Youth Orchestra 
City to Outback Regional Tour 2012

Bangarra Dance Theatre
Rekindling Education Program and Community Workshops in Qld and NT  2012, 2014, 2015 and 2016-2019

Bawinanga Aboriginal Corporation
Capacity support for Bábbarra Women’s Centre 2017-2020

Beacon Foundation (via Social Ventures Aust)
No Dole Program in Cairns 2010

Bell Shakespeare
Northern Territory Learning Access Program 2010
Regional and Remote Residencies 2014

Benevolent Society (Social Leadership Australia)
Queensland Leadership Program 2010-2013

Benevolent Society
Scoping Project Working With Queensland Country Women’s Association 2011

Big hART Inc
Namatjira Project 2010 and 2012

Big Picture Education Australia
Capacity Support 2009-2011

Brisbane Community Arts Centre (Metro Arts)
New ERA Pilot 2014-2015

Brown’s Mart Arts
Education Program 2018-2020

UPLIT (formerly Brisbane Writers Festival)
Wordplay 2009 & 2010 Write Across Queensland 2011-2013  
Read Around Gladstone 2014-2016

Regional Music Development Program 2012-2015

Caloundra Community Centre
Pets for Life 2017-2020

Regional Queensland Touring 2010-2012  
Capacity Support for Community and Education Program 2013-2016
Capacity Support 2017-2020

Expansion into Cairns and Townsville 2014-2015

Central Highlands Science Centre
Growing STEM in Rural, Regional and Remote Queensland 2016-2018
STEAMing for the future 2019-2022

Centre for Non Violence
Solving the Jigsaw Program Establishment in North Queensland 2012-2013

Circa Contemporary Circus
Circa Crush Project 2016-2017

Contact Incorporated
Skilling Rural Children’s Services Pilot Program 2010
Mobile Children’s Service in the Northern Territory 2010-2012

Corrugated Iron Youth Arts
AiRS Program at Top End Group Schools NT 2013-2014

Council on the Ageing Queensland
Suicide Prevention in the Elderly
Peer Education Project 2014

Country Education Foundation of Australia
Various Capacity Building Projects 2010

Create Foundation
Expansion and Redesign of the ClubCREATE Program 2011

Crossroad Arts
Small Miracles 2012
The Ferns Intergenerational Project 2014-2015
Beyond Boundaries Capacity Support 2016-2018 
Bridging Capacity Support 2019

Residency at the Baryshnikov Arts Centre in New York 2010 and
Community and Education Programs 2012-2015
Enrichment Projects 2016-2018 
Education and Outreach Program Capacity Support 2019-2020

Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair Foundation Ltd
From Dirt Roads to Gallery Walls: Creating pathways for Indigenous Art Centres at Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair 2017-2020

Professional Development for Arts Workers 2016-2021

Durrmu Arts Aboriginal Corporation
Harvesting Traditional Knowledge 2020-2022

Emmanuel Residential College
Indigenous Scholarship Program 2010-2012

True (formerly Family Planning Queensland)
Community Sexuality and Relationships Education 2012-2014

Feral Arts
Queensland Rural Women’s Network Digital Place Stories Project 2010

Flipside Circus Inc
Human Pyramid Project 2013-2015

Flying Arts Inc
Viz Arts 4 Schools 2011 Connecting Arts To School Curriculum 2013-2014
Education Manager 2012-2014
Key Capacity Support 2015-2017
Securing the Future of Flying Arts 2018-2020

Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal
Rural Education Program, 2009; REACH Program, 2009 and 2010; Repair, Restore and Renew (Queensland), 2011; Reaping Rewards Small Grants Program, 2012-2015, Tackling Tough Times Together 2014-2015 and 2016-2017
Strengthening Rural Communities, Queensland and the Northern Territory 2019-2023

Foundation for Young Australians
Worlds of Work (WOW) Pilot Program 2010

Frontier Services
Outback Links Volunteer Program 2010-2013

Northern Territory Community Engagement Project 2018-2019

Gondwana Choirs
Thursday Island Regional Music Camp 2010

Granite Belt Support Services Inc
Artworks on Davadi 2012 and 2013

Gurrumul Yunupingu Foundation
Barunga Festival Circus Program 2014

Hands on Learning 
Cairns School Cluster Project 2010

Hear and Say Centre
Regional Queensland Program 2010-2012
Expansion of Regional and Remote Programs 2014-2016

Hear and Say Centre
Tele-medicine Support for Families in Rural and Remote Areas 2015-2016

Drumbeat Facilitator Training Program in Far North Queensland 2013-2015

Human Ventures
Creative Pathways in the Central West (Shockwave) 2010-2014 and Shockwave Transition to Community 2012-2016
Creative Tracks 2016-2018

InCite Youth Arts
Warlpiri Music and Dance Program 2014

Jobs Australia Foundation
Indigenous Youth Leadership Program 2013-2014

JUTE Theatre Company
Proppa Solid: Dare to Dream 2016
Capacity support 2017-2020

Katherine Regional Cultural Precinct
WOW Katherine Festival 2016

La Boite Theatre Inc
Home Turf 2014

Laidley Community Centre
Early Connections 2019-2021

Many Rivers Microfinance Limited
Expansion of Microfinance Into Far North Queensland 2011-2016

Mental Illness Fellowship of North Qld
Wellways and Mental Health Education Program 2012-2013

Milingimbi Art and Culture Aboriginal Corporation
Capacity support for the Djalkiri Collections Project 2020-2022

Monkey Baa Theatre for Young People
Arts Education Project in Queensland 2012 and 2013-2014

Motivational Media Assemblies (Aust) Ltd
MAD for Life Far North Qld and Northern Territory 2013

Museums and Galleries Queensland
Twelve Degrees of Latitude Regional Queensland Exhibition 2010-2012 
Exhibition Development and Touring Program 2018-2020

Music Broadcasting Society of Queensland (4MBS)
Delivering Silver Memories to Regional Queensland 2012 and 2013-2014

Music Industry Community Services
Stuff the Stocking Regional Festivals 2010

Music NT
Sista Sounds 2013 and 2014-2016

Musica Viva
Music Education Tours in South West Queensland 2011  Equal Music
Program 2012-2014
Regional and Remote Schools Touring in Queensland and Northern Territory 2015-2017

Nangala Project
Establishment of the Indi Kindi Program NT 2012-2013

Ngaruwanajirri Inc.
Capacity Support 2019-2021

Of One Mind Ltd
WOW Commonwealth 2018 – The Regional Voice Project

Opera Australia
Yarrabah Community Opera 2012

Opera Queensland
Moving Opera! Artherton 2009
Creative Residency in Central Western Queensland 2012
Open Stage Capacity Support 2013-2017 and 2018 
Capacity Building of the Learning, Regional and Community Department 2019-2021

Outback Futures
Building a Stronger Outback Futures 2017 
Capacity Support 2018 
Capacity Support 2019-2021

Pathways to Resilience Trust
Internet-based Resilience Training for Rural, Regional and Remote Queensland 2010-2013
Building Resilient Communities Roadshow 2014-2016 
Community Wellbeing and Empowerment Program 2018-2023

Phunktional Limited
Yumpla Project Project: Healthy Relationships Partnership Project in North and Far North Queensland Phase 1 2015 and
Phase 2 2015-2018

Puuya Foundation
Kincha Ngumpulungu in Lockhart River 2011
Strategic Development 2012-2014
A Sustainable Foundation for a Sustainable Community
key capacity support 2014-2019

Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Foundation
Measuring the impact of QATSIF education scholarships 2017

Queensland Art Gallery and GoMA support for
Kids APT6 on Tour  2009 – 2010
Kids APT 7 on Tour 2012-2013
Kids APT 8 on Tour 2015-2016
21st Century Kids on Tour  2010 – 2011  
Surrealism for Kids on Tour 2011  
Matisse:Drawing Life for Kids on Tour 2011-2012
Portrait of Spain for Kids 2012  
Cai Guo-Qiang Kids Project Publication and Touring 2013-2014 
APT 9 Kids – Regional Tour and Publication 2018-2019

Queensland Arts Council 
Small and Remote Schools Touring Queensland 2009-2013
Small Exhibitions Touring Program Queensland 2009-2013
Snapshot  2010-2011
Reconnect at Normanton 2010

Queensland Ballet
Engagement with Regional Queensland 2012-214 and 2015-2017

Queensland Centre for Photography
Queensland Festival of Photography Regional Tour 2012

Queensland Music Festival
The Road We’re On Charleville 2009
Charleville Choral Project 2010
Torres Strait Island Music Extension Project 2011
Community Engagement 2012-2015 and 2016-2019

Queensland PCYC Welfare Assocation
Five Lands One Soul Project 2014

Queensland Symphony Orchestra
Music Education Regional Tour 2012
QSO 2 U Regional Tour 2013
Community and Education Capacity Support 2014-2016 
Regional Educational Mobile Orchestra Touring Ensemble (REMOTE) Pilot 2018 
Community Engagement and Education Capacity Support 2019-2021

Queensland Theatre Company
Touring to Regional Schools in Queensland
Hurry up and wait!  2010  
Treasure Island  2011
Stradbroke Dreamtime  2012
The Lost Property Rules  2014
Regional Program 2015-2018 
Regional Theatre Enrichment Strategy 2019-2023

Queensland Youth Orchestra
Big Band Tour of Central Queensland 2010

Quest for Life Foundation
Recovery from Trauma in Queensland 2011-2012

Red Ridge Foundation
Inland Costumation Project 2012

Rockhampton Art Gallery Trust
Cream: Four decades of Australian Art Education Program 2014-2015

Royal Institution of Australia
ASSETS C21 Program 2010 2011 and 2012

School Aid Trust (via Social Ventures Aust)
Kids Helping Kids Initiative 2010

School for Social Entrepreneurs (via Social Ventures Aust)
Social Change 101 Far North Qld 2015

Seed Foundation Australia First Peoples Health
Growing Our Own 2018-2022

Shelter Housing Action Cairns
Breaking the Cycle of Intergenerational Homelessness 2014-2015

Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Queensland
Outreach Trips to Regional Queensland 2012

Sports Challenge Australia
Experiential Mentoring Program in Timber Creek and Ngukurr 2012-2014
Maningrida Homeland Schools 2015-2017

State Library of Queensland
The Ideas Box Indigenous Employment in Far North Queensland 2015

SCIPS Regional Qld Communities Pilot Program 2009-2012
Education Unit 2011-2013

Swell Sculpture Festival
Swell Kids Bush to Beach Program 2010

Tablelands Regional Gallery
William T. Cooper Retrospective 2017-2018

The Red Room Company
Poetry Education Outreach Pilot in the Northern Territory 2014

Topology Inc
Top Up Education Program in Regional Queensland 2014
Top Up Regional Engagement 2015
Capacity Support 2016-2018 
Top Up Regional 2019
Top Up Regional: Growing Creative Communities 2020-2023

Umi Arts Limited
UMI Indigenous Arts Markets 2011-2012

University of the Sunshine Coast
Rural and Remote Education Project 2010-2013, 2014-2016 and 2017-2020  
AIME Mentoring Program 2011-2013

University of Queensland Diamantina Institute
SPARQ-ed Travelling Science Roadshow 2014-2015

Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi Aboriginal Corporation
Art and Culture Maintenance Mentor Program 2012-2013  
Art and Culture Social Media Project 2014-2015  
Nintipulka Mitiyaku – getting clever about media 2017-2021

Woodfordia Inc
Festival of Small Halls 2014 
Festival of Small Halls Queensland and Northern Territory 2018-2021

Yalari Limited
Capacity Support 2012-2014

Youth Link
Youth Cr8 Kuranda 2014-2015 and 2015-2017 
Youth Cre8 Kuranda 2018-2021

Youth Insearch
Empower Queensland Youth 2017-2019                                   Entrenching Change 2020-2022

YWCA of Darwin
Women of Worth Women’s Prison Initiative 2015-2016
Women of Worth Program – Realist Evaluation 2017