Foundation Staff

Neal Harvey

During his seven years with The Myer Foundation and Sidney Myer Fund, Neal secured the tax-free status of the Sidney Myer Creative Fellowships, established A New Approach (Australia’s first think tank dedicated to arts and culture), and created the National Assistance Program for the Arts – a nation-wide COVID-19 emergency program supported by 29 philanthropists in every Australian state and territory.

Neal has a First-Class Honours BA and a PhD from the University of Queensland and an MBA from University of Melbourne/Melbourne Business School. Neal is a past Chair of Yarra City Council’s Arts Advisory Committee Melbourne company Snuff Puppets and former Creative Producer of Melbourne Fringe. He is currently Chair of Philanthropy Australia’s Arts Funders Network.



Angela Timbs

Prior to joining TFFF, Angela held various business management and communications-based roles both in Australia and abroad. Bilingual and skilled in cross-cultural communication, Angela’s perspective is shaped by her involvement in a number of community projects including ethnic radio and local arts initiatives. As a volunteer art gallery guide, she enjoys sharing her love of visual culture with visitors from all backgrounds.

Passionate about empowering communities through education and the arts, Angela is keenly aware of the value of grassroots organisations in creating a healthy, equitable and resilient society. She is particularly interested in understanding how philanthropy can partner
with Indigenous organisations and communities to support self-determination.



Hannah Barr

Hannah comes to TFFF after four years in several positions at Queensland Theatre (QT), most recently in the role of Development Coordinator. During her time at QT, Hannah worked across government, corporate and philanthropic relationships to support education and youth programs, artist pathways initiatives and mainstage productions.

Working as both an administrator in the not-for-profit sector, and an independent theatre artist, Hannah has a keen interest in the ways private and government sectors can collaborate to sustain and grow Queensland’s, and Australia’s, creative and cultural industries. She is particularly invested in increasing education and career development opportunities for marginalised groups in the creative workforce. 

Hannah holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts and First-Class Honours BA from the Queensland University of Technology.