Founder & Trustees

Smiling portrait of Tim Fairfax AC, standing outdoors, wearing an akubra hat.
Tim Fairfax AC. Photo credit Russell Shakespeare.

“This foundation has been established by our family who spent twenty years living and working on a cattle property in rural Queensland.  

It is the family’s intention that rural, remote and regional Queenslanders are afforded opportunities equal to their metropolitan counterparts.  

We hope that our foundation will act as a catalyst for others to engage in their own philanthropic pursuits.”

Tim Fairfax  AC

TFFF Trustees, Advisors and Executive Officer at the Foundation’s 10th Anniversary Celebration held at Queensland’s Gallery of Modern Art.

The Tim Fairfax Family Foundation was established as a private family foundation in June 2008.

Trustees are Founder and Chairman Tim Fairfax AC, Gina Fairfax and Jim Peterson. Advisory support is provided by Sarah O’Brien, Lucy Coulson, Fiona Poschelk and Prue Pateras.