Our People

Meet the Trustees, Advisors, and staff of the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation and Ningana Trust.


Tim Fairfax AC

TFFF Founder & Chair
Ningana Trust Trustee

Gina Fairfax AC

Ningana Trust Chair
TFFF Trustee

Jim Peterson

TFFF Trustee and Responsible Person


Sarah O'Brien

TFFF & Ningana Trust Advisor

Lucy Coulson

TFFF & Ningana Trust Advisor

Fiona Poschelk

TFFF & Ningana Trust Advisor

Prue Pateras

TFFF & Ningana Trust Advisor


Neal Harvey

Chief Executive Officer

Katie Norman

Senior Program Manager

Hannah Barr

Program Manager

Sahala Stone

Office Coordinator

Photos by Thomas Oliver for Atmosphere Photography.

The Tim Fairfax Family Foundation is based in Meanjin (Brisbane).