The Ningana Trust supports and empowers 
organisations, communities, and individuals, 
primarily in Queensland.

Gina and Tim Fairfax’s philanthropic story began to take shape with the Ningana Trust’s first donation in July 2002. The Queensland Library Foundation’s Johnstone Gallery archive internet project was perhaps ahead of its time and set the tone for diverse, innovative grantmaking over the next two decades.

Only recently named the Ningana Trust, many Queensland individuals, organisations and communities have experienced the generosity and impact Ningana’s grants have shared over the years.

Today, Ningana Trust aims to offer effective one-time grants that provide a tangible and lasting benefit.

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2022-23 Annual Report

Photo by Thomas Oliver for Atmosphere Photography.

On behalf of the Trustees and Advisors of Ningana Trust, I am pleased to share with you Ningana Trust’s FY23 Annual Report. Ningana exists to support and empower organisations, communities, and individuals in Queensland. It is a pleasure to introduce you to the work supported by Ningana over the last year.

In 2022, Ningana Trust celebrated 20 years of giving! The Trust’s first donation was in July 2002 to the Queensland Library Foundation’s Johnstone Gallery archive internet project. Since that time, Ningana has distributed more than $2M in support of 64 organisations.

Ningana Trust funded eight organisations in 2022-2023, all with unique projects and a mission to make a difference to the communities they serve. I am always impressed by how hard our community organisations work and the difference a small amount of funding can make.

Gina Fairfax AC

Recent Grant Recipients


Ngukuthati Children and Family Centre

Ngukuthati Bush Tucker Garden


Ohana College

Cultural Connections Mural Project


Central Highlands Music Festival

Photography Equipment


Little Sparklers

Systems Optimisation and Fundraising

The Tim Fairfax Family Foundation is based in Meanjin (Brisbane).