TFFF supports initiatives that promote student engagement and support young people to develop their aspirations for further education and career pathways. Photo courtesy of Flying Arts Alliance.
Tim Fairfax Family Foundation Annual Report 2018-2019


TFFF supports initiatives that promote student engagement and support young people to develop their aspirations for further education and career pathways. Educators are developed and supported through professional development, peer networks and whole of school approaches.

The figures in the infographics below refer only to new funding approved in the 2018/19 financial year. Prior to the 2017/18 financial year, these figures referred to both new and ongoing approvals.


new approvals


average total approved


multi-year approvals

Laidley Community Centre Spotlight

"Research shows that not only is the age from birth-to-five the most critical for brain development, but it is also the most important time period for family bonding and developing values. To ensure optimum growth is achieved during this period, a child needs loving relationships and a fun, stimulating environment to thrive."

Playgroup Queensland

For many years, members of the Laidley community recognised the need for better resources to support new parents, especially those facing extra challenges and hardship.

With the employment of a dedicated early-childhood worker, Laidley Community Centre is now well-placed to deliver its Early Connections initiative aimed at improving early development outcomes for children up to five years.

This new position, funded by the TFFF for three years, plays a key role in providing coordinated, evidence-based training for early years educators and community leaders.

The early-childhood worker will work to build the capacity of existing playgroups in the region, establish a baby playgroup at the centre and present at a range of community events to share messages about child safety and wellbeing.

The Early Connections initiative will increase opportunities for parents to connect with early-intervention services and improve learning outcomes for young children preparing to transition to school. It will also support the professional development of early childhood workers by providing access to resources and training to increase skills, knowledge, and networking capabilities.

Funding from the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation has helped Laidley Community Centre to employ an early-years worker who can draw together resources and deliver programs to address the needs of vulnerable children and families.

Alana Wahl
Manager, LCC

Where We Fund - Education

Education Organisations

Australian Schools Plus Fair Education Queensland

$516,500 ($1,379,000 over 4 years)

Fair Education Queensland is designed to empower school leadership teams to meaningfully engage with parents and school communities with the aim of improving outcomes for students.

Brown's Mart Theatre Education Program

$30,000 ($90,000 over 3 years)

Brown’s Mart Arts’ Education Program develops and produces new syllabus-linked work which is presented to both school groups and the broader community in Darwin each year.

Central Highlands Science Centre STEAMing for the Future Capacity Support

$148,000 ($453,000 over 3 years)

Strengthen internal capacity through the employment of key operational roles and the expand their work throughout the Central Highlands to inspire and engage young, curious minds in the world of science.

Laidley Community Centre Inc Early Connections

$65,000 ($206,000 over 3 years)

Employment of a dedicated project worker to drive establishment and delivery of the Early Connections program, a place-based and community-led approach to improving early childhood developing in Queensland’s Laidley region.

Seed Foundation Australia First Peoples Health – Growing Our Own

$150,000 ($750,000 over 5 years)

To improve training and employment outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students interested in careers in health. Seed Foundation provides wraparound support to address gaps in the transition from school to training, university and employment.

University of the Sunshine Coast Rural and Remote Education Program

$100,000 ($300,000 over 3 years)

Providing bursaries to pre-service teachers to encourage them to take placements and hopefully later employment in rural and remote areas of Queensland.

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