The Circa Cairns ensemble performing the company's second major production, The Wet, at Cairns Performing Arts Centre in February 2023. Photograph by Josaphine Seale.
Tim Fairfax Family Foundation Annual Report 2022-2023


Connected, Resilient and Futureproof Communities

The Tim Fairfax Family Foundation (TFFF) exists to provide much-needed support to rural, regional, and remote communities in Queensland and the Northern Territory, who experience a range of challenges stemming from their geographical isolation. As a family foundation, the TFFF values connectedness, resilience, futureproofing, and leadership, and actively supports organisations, initiatives, and endeavours which cultivate and strengthen these qualities within our priority communities.

Throughout this report a ^ symbol identifies an Indigenous-led organisation or agreement where TFFF funding has directly enabled the employment of an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person.

Below is a selection of statistics and testimonials which summarise the TFFF’s grantmaking activities in FY23. Please use the drop down menu above to view detailed information on each of the TFFF's funding streams: Connected, Resilient, Futureproof, and ongoing projects from previous strategy.



35 Connected grants 22 Resilient organisations

8 Futureproof initiatives 7 Ongoing Projects


51 Queensland 15 Northern Territory

5 National

The figures in the statistics and infographics above refer only to funding approved in the 2022/23 financial year, unless otherwise stated.

Community support for TFFF-funded organisations

The Outback Futures team gave me the ability to believe in myself, and that I could do what I thought was impossible with regards to reading and writing. They showed love, compassion, and respect; and they understood the challenges that we face out in rural communities.

— Dave; working with Outback Futures

Just a very big thank you and congratulations from me for the incredible hard work you put into Bambarra-ma Dariburu. I rarely get to experience work from the inside, so to actually experience the sense of belonging, community and joy that was so embodied – such an incredible joy.

— Volunteer Drummer in Bambarra-ma Dariburu (2023), by Wulgurukaba Walkabouts and Dancenorth

Working with TFFF

It's been nice not to have to think so prescriptively about our line item expenses for this funding, rather consider our strategic priorities and how we can leverage it to achieve those goals more efficiently and effectively.

— Deadly Inspiring Youth Doing Good

The Karrkad Kanjdji Trust has had a fantastic experience with the TFFF application process. The meetings and conversations leading up to the application helped us to understand where there is alignment and what we could work on together to have the most impact. Our Co-Chair, Dean Yibarbuk and I (Stacey Irving, CEO) were lucky enough to attend a TFFF board meeting over Zoom. During that meeting Dean and I both felt a real sense of alignment, values of partnership, and mutual respect for each other… We wanted to thank you for the detailed questions regarding governance and risk management. It’s not every day that we are asked to share that kind of organisational information, and it’s something that we pride ourselves on and are happy to share.

— Karrkad Kanjdji Trust

The Tim Fairfax Family Foundation is based in Meanjin (Brisbane).